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Make a video clip and let the music speak

Music and images are a perfect combination. Both are powerful media that make written text come alive. Music and images both immediately create associations with your target group, thus providing a unique effect and greater retention. Are you a musician? Then you are undoubtedly looking for someone to make a music video. Or do you grab the camera yourself? We explain to you in a number of steps how making a music video works. But first…

Inspiration from these success songs

The State, Muse and more: there are many artists who are not necessarily known for their music, but for their cool video clips. Fun fact: many video clips are now filmed as drone video. That, and the tips below, will make your music video a great success.

1. Start with the budget

With music videos, budget is just as important as other types of videos. If you know what you can spend, you know whether you can hire actors, rent a location and what technology is used.

2. Screenwriter, where are you?

Step two is coming up with your story. You already have a good basis with the song for which you are making the video. There is a good story there, how do you want to express that in images? Also write down which target group you are targeting. Of course you want to reach as many people as possible with your music, but to really address someone properly you will have to reduce the group. Once you know this, you can also adjust your film choices accordingly. Think of colors that appeal to the target group, but also certain (pop culture) styles or beautiful transitions.

3. Don't shoot the messenger

Time to shoot! The right light, good planning and make-up are important. Be creative and shoot the video in multiple locations. Or use a unique method of shooting if you record in one room. For example, a 360 degree video. When filming a low-budget music video, consider half a day of shooting. Are you looking 'higher up'? Then you quickly think of 1 or more days. Are you taking shots of a performance? Then it is useful to film multiple takes and cuts. It is best to supplement this with 'b-roll'. These are shots that show the atmosphere and tell the story.

4. Assembly down to the last detail

Filming and the story seem to be the most important process, but things often go wrong during editing. Editing a video so that it not only looks slick, but also appeals to the target group (and perhaps goes viral) is no easy feat. Once edited, the correct resolution and format is also important for the channels you post the video on. Look these up to make sure you're doing it right.

Would you rather have a music video made?

Making a video clip yourself is a lot of work. And also expensive, because you probably rent the technology once. Videjow will be happy to take it off your hands . We deploy a complete crew (if your budget allows this). Make-up, direction, camera, and a lighting technician. We also arrange all (pre)production for you. For example, are models needed? Which location do we rent? We ensure that everything is ready for you on the day of recording.


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