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This is how you create a successful corporate video in 7 steps

Say, how does that work... Make a corporate video?

More turnover, your products better in the spotlight: it sounds like a magical dream. Feel free to stay on that cloud, because this can 'just' become reality. And with a corporate film. Do you want to make a corporate film yourself or would you rather outsource it and have a company video made?

Interview with former motorcycle racer Giacomo Agostini
Interview recording for TT-Circuit Assen

Here are 7 steps that lay the foundation for a successful corporate video:

1. Determine a budget

You can't actually start without a budget. The budget (partly) determines how extensive your video will be, what equipment you can purchase or rent, the location and whether you hire someone for it. Actors and/or a well-known voice-over voice can also be hired for your corporate film.

2. Determine the type of video

Think about your business goals. Why do you start with video marketing? For example, a corporate video to achieve greater brand awareness is a completely different video than one with the aim of generating additional turnover. There are different KPIs involved, and that means a completely different script.

3. Do market research

Better have a good steal... No, just kidding. We don't think you should steal a brilliant idea from your colleague. But a good tip is: check out what they do! What are your USPs compared to this competitor? In addition to your competitors, you look at the target group. Who do you want to reach? And which channels are they on? What appeals to her? Also look at your own company. For example, what are important values that should be reflected in the video?

4. Write the script

The story is half the battle. But a good storyline doesn't just appear out of the blue. I wish it were like that. Where's Harry Potter when you need him? (Talk about good storylines.) A good script is divided into 3 parts: intro, middle and conclusion. The intro explains the 3 W's: who are you, what do you do and where do you do it? The middle tells an addition to this: how! How do you do what you do? That is usually the distinguishing factor compared to your competitor. Last but not least: the call to action. Of course, you want your target group to do something with your corporate video. That is why the call for action comes in the conclusion.

5. Action time

Time for action! The market research and the script form the basis of the material you shoot. With this in mind, we choose the right colors for your corporate film, the length, filming method and background music. You also determine here which technology you use. Are you using a RED cinema camera? Or are you going to have a drone video made with your team in the picture? Maybe a 360 degree video of the office? Don't forget lighting either. With extra lighting (in addition to natural light), the people in your corporate video look their best. What we always add: a good sound engineer. It's essential to have a beautiful picture, but if the audio is unclear or sounds grainy, no one will watch the video. Just as clothes make the man, sound makes the video.

6. Assemble the material

Making images blend together beautifully, matching the right colors and ensuring the story flows smoothly: these are just a number of factors to take into account. We connect all the separate elements together and create a unique whole.

7. Distribute your new company video!

Yes, your corporate video is finished! It's time for promotion. Because our years of experience as video producers allow us to see how our customers use their videos successfully, we are happy to help you come up with ideas.

Don't be a sheep: think outside the box

We can imagine if you need some help figuring out the best video format. You can go in any direction with video (and animation). For a corporate video you can consider the following videos:

  • Put your brand in the spotlight

We're talking about employer branding. With employer branding you create a vacancy video in which you highlight your brand. Why do candidates want to work for you? For example, you show nice colleagues who tell something about the work, give an office tour or take them along for a day.

  • ‘About us’

Always a success: more about your company. And not just about what you produce or deliver, but about why you do it and how. You can do this by good interview questions< /a> to employees within your company. You can then give it extra power by adding a voice-over.

  • Have a drone video made

Do you really want to show your target group every corner of the room? Then a drone video is exactly what you are looking for. We fly through your building with drones, over the heads of your team members or spend a day exploring what it is like to work at your company.

The costs for having a corporate video made

by Videjow

One video is not the same as the other. Every video is tailor-made. And because your business goals, technology, location and amount of material shot are unique to you, we cannot provide an accurate quote.

Robert Schepers - Videojow

Robert Schepers - founder of Videjow


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